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  • In 5-48 hours
  • by tank truck up to 20 m3
  • In Budapest and catchment area free of charge, to the countryside 3 t over free
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Can to the tank


At the request of our partners, we undertake packaging in technology-adapted packaging units. If you have individual needs during use, give us the dimensions of the unit you want to handle and we will deliver it in the required packaging.
Concentration setting

Acids and alkalis diluting

In the case of liquid chemicals, we undertake to adjust the concentration or concentration requested by the user. We dilute our materials by adding deionized or distilled water.
We undertake to prepare the required concentration of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda).
Main products: 
Sodium hydroxide 20%, Sodium hydroxide 25%, Sodium hydroxide 30%, Sodium hydroxide 33%.

Freezing point setting

Heat transfer fluids

We also deal with the distribution of heat transfer fluids in concentrated and diluted form according to customer requirements. Upon request, we will prepare a heat transfer fluid corresponding to the desired freezing point value. It is typically used in a solar panel as an antifreeze

Main products:
Propylene glycol 98%,
Propylene glycol 50.00% (-32 ° C),
Propylene glycol 45.00% (-27 ° C)
Propylene glycol 40.00% (-22 ° C)
Propylene glycol 35.00% (-16 ° C)
Propylene glycol 30.00% (-13 ° C)
Propylene glycol 25.00% (-10 ° C)

Monoethylene glycol 98%
Monoethylene glycol 49.60% (-39 ° C)
Ethylene glycol 41,50% (-28°C)
Monoethylene glycol 37,50% (-24°C)
Monoethylene glycol 33,50% (-20°C)

Packaging of imported materials

Unloading tank trucks

At our site, we undertake the unloading of various liquid chemicals from tank trucks. The packages are filled according to the weight requested by the customer, they are labeled and marked with danger. We ensure the quality and quantity of the goods and their safe storage until delivery. Our service includes the loading of packaged goods onto transport vehicles and the issuance of appropriate documents.
The service fee is based on the weight of the goods unloaded so it can be calculated and easily planned.

A more advantageous purchasing solution for the user is to order the complete tank truck in bulk directly from the manufacturer. However, unloading a tanker requires a special infrastructure that many users do not have. They are forced to obtain the products in packaged form and in smaller batches, obviously at much higher costs.
Our service provides them with a cost-effective solution.

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Kiszerelés igény szerint


Liquid substances 
1 m3 standard plastic container (IBC) in metal frame, mounted on a pallet, with bottom ball valve
200 l plastic barrel with plastic lining, plate barrel, plastic barrel, aluminum barrel
60 l plastic balloon
Solid materials
big-bag 1 to
25/50 kg bag (1 to on pallets, foiled)

We will make our packages available to you free of charge, which we will deliver after they are emptied. Upon delivery, we only invoice the value of the goods, not packaging!


About us

Stand-Chem Kft. Has been dealing with the distribution of chemical materials since 2009. It is a reliable supplier to industrial users in domestic and regional countries, with a stable supplier background, sufficient stock and flexible deliveries tailored to needs. Our advantage is fast and high-quality action in response to changing needs. 
In addition to the classic chemical distribution, Stand-Chem Kft. Undertakes the dissolution and dilution of chemical products and the unloading of tank trucks, with packaging on demand.


ISO certification

Keeping in mind the needs of our partners, our company has introduced a quality management and environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.  

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Tank truck unloading, packaging, delivery

Telephelyünkön vállaljuk különböző folyékony vegyi anyagoknak tartályautókból történő lefejtését.  A göngyölegeket a megrendelő által kért tömeg szerint töltjük meg, azokat cimkével és veszélyességi jelzésekkel ellátjuk.


1023 Budapest, Árpád Fejedelem útja 39.

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Depochem Warehouse
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